Frequently Asked Questions

This policy provides coverage for people traveling abroad (including West Malaysia to East Malaysia or vice versa) in the event of bodily injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events during the trip. This policy also reimburses the expenses incurred as a result of travel inconveniences during the trip.

Any Malaysians, permanent residents, student pass holder, employment pass/work permit holders and dependent(s) of pass holders for themselves, their spouses and children for leisure and/or business. Age limit between 30 days and 80 years old.

The Policy shall become effective as of the date stated in the Schedule. Any extension of cover is not allowed during the trip or after you have departed for your destination.

You may cancel your policy by giving written notice to the insurance company. However, refund of premium is not allowed once the policy is issued.

If your insurance is taken from an insurance agent, your insurance company will pay 25% of the premium to the agent as commission. 0% GST will be payable for Domestic travel and Annual travel policies. Stamp Duty of RM10.00 is applicable for annual policy.

• You are to disclose all material facts which you know or ought to know which will affect the risk profile such as your age and occupation
• Any fraud, deliberate misrepresentation of material facts or non-disclosure of information in connection with the application of this policy or when making a claim will invalidate the policy and benefits, will be forfeited.

You are not encouraged to purchase more than one policy for the same trip. In the event of you being covered by more than one policy, we will cover you based on the policy which provides the greatest amount of benefit level.

If you are travelling to multiple destinations within the same trip, you can be covered under one policy. Please select the furthest region as listed under our area of coverage.

Lodge a report and seek compensation from the airline. You may file in your claim to us for the loss not compensated by the airline.

No. We do not cover any pre-existing medical condition.

A child (aged between 30 days and 18 years old, both age inclusive) can purchase an individual policy but the policy must be issued under a parent or legal guardian's name, on the life of the child's name. The premium payable for a child is the same as adult.

Under the Individual plan, a child is entitled to 100% of Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement benefits. Under the Family plan, a child is entitled to 25% of the Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement benefits only.

Yes. If you suffer from a covered disability while travelling on an overseas trip and subsequently seek follow-up medical treatment following your return from your trip, we will reimburse the medically necessary expenses incurred within 60 days upon arrival to Malaysia, subject to the medical expenses limit specified in the schedule of benefit.

No, we do not cover for loss of baggage left unattended in any public places, as the policy excludes any failure of the insured to take reasonable efforts to safeguard his/her property.

Yes. Natural disasters including but not limited to volcanic eruption, flood, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or wildfire are covered events under our policy.

No. You must purchase the policy prior to your scheduled departure.

Yes. For one-way travel, coverage will terminate 72 hours upon schedule arrival at your final destination or expiry of Period of Insurance whichever is earlier.

The maximum period of cover is one hundred and twenty (120) consecutive days per trip. For Annual Cover policy, the maximum number of days is limited to one hundred and eighty (180) consecutive days.

No, the coverage is only for leisure and/or business purposes. Working holiday is not considered as a leisure or a business trip.

You can purchase your travel insurance on the same day before departure. You will not be covered if you buy your travel insurance after you have departed for your trip. However, you are encouraged to buy at least 7 days before in order to enjoy the trip cancellation benefit.

You can first pay for your medical bills when you are overseas and make your claims upon your return to Malaysia. You will need to produce an official letter from the doctor and receipt to make your claims.

You will be reimbursed with the reasonable and necessary additional cost of travel, accommodation and the unused and non-refundable expenses which has been paid in advance and not recoverable from any relevant parties.